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Functional genomics focused on immune systems

One of the aims of our research group is to function as a gateway to genomics for immunologists. Consequently, our research activities are divided into:

  1. Central support activities,
  2. Strategic and collaborative research activities,
  3. Exploratory research activities, according to the research frameworks and aims of our staff.

Although the research goals for (1) and (2) vary widely depending on the goals of the projects with which we are involved, our mission is always to provide the best expertise in transcriptomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics for immunologists. Our research activities in terms of (3) are focused on the development of new technologies and approaches in the field of Immunogenomics. While the outcomes of this research might not always be directly relevant to immunology at the proof-of- principle stage, the ultimate goal is to apply these newly developed technologies to address important immunological issues in collaboration with other members of RCAI. As described above, we have made a considerable effort in terms of central support activities and strategic/collaborative research activities; however, as the outcomes of these research activities are largely descriptive and/or wide- ranging, only the main topics that are targeted in our exploratory research are described in Current Research.