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May 19, 2006
2005 Award for Excellent Paper of the Year
The RCAI Excellent Paper Award was established in 2004 to recognize exceptional publications of RCAI scientists. The award fund is supported by donations from Dr. Masaru Taniguchi and Dr. Toshio Hirano. This year, eight papers were selected, a reflection of the high quality of research being performed at RCAI.

Drs. Tadashi Yokosuka and Takashi Saito received the award for their Nature Immunology paper where the single-molecule microscope developed by Dr. Tokunaga (Laboratory for Single Molecule Immunoimaging, RCAI) was used to demonstrate that TCR microclusters are the initiation site of T cell activation. Drs. Keigo Nishida and Satoru Yamasaki were awarded for their paper published in The Journal of Cell Biology in which they identified two separable steps in the process of mast cell degranulation.. Drs. Sho Yamasaki and Takashi Saito received the award for their paper in Nature Immunology, in which they proposed that the spontaneous oligomerization of the pre-TCR would make a pre-TCR ligand unnecessary.

Figure: Dr. Tadashi Yokosuka accepting the award from Director Masaru Taniguchi
Other awardees were Drs. Kyoko Masuda and Hiroshi Kawamoto for their work on pre-thymic progenitors (EMBO Journal), Drs. Nobutaka Suzuki and Takashi Saito for demonstrating a role for IRAK-4 in innate immune signaling (Science), Drs. Yuichi Aiba and Tomohiro Kurosaki for discovering BANK as a negative regulator of B cell responses (Immunity), Drs. Hisaaki Shinohara and Tomohiro Kurosaki for studies of the regulation of the BCR signaling pathway by PKCb (Journal of Experimental Medicine) and Drs. Hidemitsu Kitamura and Toshio Hirano for defining a role for IL-6 in the maturation of dendritic cells (Immunity).