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Briefing session for the RCAI adjunct graduate school programs

May 23, 2009

RCAI accepts graduate students from various universities through the adjunct professorship mechanism. There were several new adjunct appointments in 2009. Dr. Tsuneyasu Kaisho (Team Leader, Laboratory for Host Defense) became a new visiting professor at Yokohama City University. Furthermore, the Research Institute of Biological Sciences at Tokyo University of Science agreed to collaborate with RCAI for research education. Dr. Osamu Ohara (Group Director, Lab. for Immunogenomics) and Dr. Shohei Hori (Unit Leader, Res. Unit for Immune Homeostasis) were appointed as visiting professors, and Dr. Tadashi Yokosuka (Senior Researcher, Lab. for Cytokine Signaling) became a visiting associate professor of the university. RCAI will start accepting graduate students from Tokyo University of Science in 2011. The total number of adjunct /associate professors in RCAI is now 22, and the Center collaborates with six university graduate schools (Table).

On May 23, RCAI held a briefing session on adjunct graduate school programs. The aim of this session was to introduce this RCAI program to students who are interested in studying immunology. Twenty participants gathered from Aomori, Tottori, Nagano, Kyoto, Hyogo, Saitama, Kanagawa and Tokyo. Dr. Saito, Deputy Director, first briefly summarized the adjunct graduate school programs, and then representatives from seven laboratories introduced their research topics. After the oral session, twelve laboratories had poster presentations and then each of the participants had the opportunity to visit the laboratories of his/her interest. The session provided an opportunity for students to visit and talk directly with lab leaders, and to consider their future directions. "This briefing was very fruitful for me, because I could talk directly with researchers," a participant commented.

Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience,
Osaka University
Tomohiro Kurosaki (visiting professor)
Ichiro Taniuchi (visiting professor)
Keigo Nishida (visiting associate professor)
Graduate School of Medicine,
Osaka University
Osami Kanagawa (visiting professor)
Tsuneyasu Kaisho (visiting professor)
Toshiyuki Fukada (visiting associate professor)
Department of Immunology,
School of Medicine, Chiba University
Takashi Saito (visiting professor)
Haruhiko Koseki (visiting professor)
Hiroshi Ohno (visiting professor)
Shinichiro Fujii (visiting associate professor)
Yasuyuki Ishii (visiting associate professor)
Fumihiko Ishikawa (visiting associate professor)
School of Biomedical Science,
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Takashi Saito (visiting professor)
Tomohiro Kurosaki (visiting professor)
Masato Kubo (visiting professor)
Sidonia Fagarasan (visiting associate professor)
International Graduate School of Arts
and Sciences,
Yokohama City University
Hiroshi Ohno (visiting professor)
Tsuneyasu Kaisho (visiting professor)
Satoshi Ishido (visiting associate professor)
Research Institute of Biological Sciences,
Tokyo University of Science
Osamu Ohara (visiting professor)
Shohei Hori (visiting professor)
Tadashi Yokosuka (visiting associate professor)