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5. Application Procedures

Applications have been closed.

The following documents, including a letter of recommendation, should be uploaded all together through the link below. Follow the instructions carefully when you fill out the form. An e-mail will be sent to confirm the receipt of application.

5-1. Applicant Information

Download (Applicant_Information2013.xls) *Do not Modify the format.

5-2. Application Form (The form consists of three parts. Start each part from a new page.)

Download (Application_Form2013.doc) *Do not Modify the format.

(1). Curriculum Vitae (must include the categories below. Do not exceed two pages.)

a. Education: Provide the institution names and highest degrees obtained, including years. Start with your most recent degree.
b. Research experience and career
c. Publications and awards

(2). Reasons Why You Wish to Attend RISP 2013
Write a summary of your research background (if any to date, including specific fields, experimental work, laboratories, etc.) and how you plan to incorporate what you learn at RIKEN into your current and future research work (maximum 400 words).

(3). Presentation Abstract
Participants are obliged to give a PowerPoint presentation during the lecture course and also to prepare a poster presentation.
All applicants must submit an abstract (maximum 400 words).

5-3. Letter of recommendation

A signed recommendation letter from the applicant's supervisor, addressed to the organizer must be submitted as a PDF file.

- RISP Application Form -
Applications have been closed.

1.Program Description
3.Housing and Transportation
5.Application Procedure (Download Application Form)
7.Contact Information